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3 years ago, I moved to England for a year. On the street next to my house, there were a lot of second-hand clothing stores. When I realized it, my favorite hobby was to spend hours and hours looking for that hidden jewel-piece that deserved a second chance. One day I found a shirt in the men's section, and I customized it. The next day I wore it to college, and my friends loved it. So much that they wanted me to show them those charity shops. But after going to several, they found nothing. And they gave up the search, almost all of them with nothing in hand.

Every time I wore the shirt to class or to a meeting, they were blown away. And they told me to make them one if I found another similar one.

They hadn't really liked the experience, and yet for me it was one of my favorite plans.


At that time, I was already beginning to be aware of the effects that fast fashion had on our planet. And something in me clicked: Why buy new clothes, when I could find second-hand clothes to give a unique touch, and that they liked even more? And why not offer them to the rest of the world?


And it was there, without realizing it, for a shirt and a pair of snips, that Dimoana was born.

About Our Leather


40% of the clothing we buy is on impulse, rather than considering our acquisitions as long-term investments. Thus, more than 150 billion new garments are produced per year to satisfy this compulsive consumerism of garments.


At Dimoana we believe that buying less is buying better. It is important to think well if that garment fits with our wardrobe, but above all, with who we are.

If it makes us feel unique and special.

And that is precisely what defines our garments.

Quality vintage garments, carefully selected and customized, each one in a unique way, so that when you wear it, you know that there is no one in the world with a jacket just like yours.


We believe that ethical fashion is not incompatible with style, and that each one of us, contributing our grain of sand, can form great mountains.

We will be part of the change.


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