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Hello everyone, and welcome back!! We have been absent for the last two weeks due to something really exciting: WE HAVE JUST DROPPED A NEW COLLECTION!!! We wanted to focus all of our energy on it during the final touches, therefore we couldn’t be here, but now we are back and ready to share all the secrets about it.

The collection, “Poemas en primavera”, is inspired in a lot of different things: handwritten poetry, the scent of flowers in spring, self-care moments, a breakfast in our favorite coffee shop… We have been sharing in our IG everything about it, from the sketches, to the moodboard and how the pieces were created. But we know some of you may not have IG, so in this post we are going to be sharing everything we shared there.

No more writing, we go straight to the beautiful behind the scenes of the process!!!

And what makes this collection different from the previous ones, you may ask? Well, as always, every single piece is unique and there are not to exact same shirts or blazers, but this time there are two very special news:

*Because warm weather is coming, this time we focused more on lighter pieces, like shirts, rather than warmer pieces like blazers. Therefore, there are 10 super special shirts in this collection. Each one with a different touch from the other.

*Second, we have launched our first pair of jeans!!! We have been thinking about creating jeans for a while, and this was the perfect time. But because there is only one pair and one size of them, we have open the possibility of you asking us for your size. How? You can write us via email, IG, or in the “contact us” section of the website, telling us which size you wear and your measures, and we will create this model, Brigitte, in your exact size. If you want to know more about this, we have everything explain IN THIS INSTAGRAM POST, but if there´s still some clarification that you may need, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!

We hope you like it as much as we do. These last couple of months have been very intense with the amount of work, but we cannot be more happy with the final results, and specially with all the sweet messages we have received since the launching.

Until next week, have a wonderful week!!


To see the video promotion of the new collection, here's the link.

If you love Brigitte Jeans as much as we do, check this is your link.

In the third post you see Poesía eres tú vest, if you want to have a close up look to the embroidery, here you can see more pictures.

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