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All about our sustainable packaging

Hello everyone and welcome back! So today we want to talk about our sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, and how we prepare your orders with tons of love.

As we told you in our latest post, we wanted to have a cute but at the same time sustainable package. Therefore we did a lot of research, and had to choose between new or recycled cardboard, handmade thank you cards or order them, which type of paper to use, or even if we wanted stickers to finish our packaging or not.

After giving all of this a good thought, we are happy to say we have reached a point where we think our packaging is as less contaminant as we have been able to create, and at the same type we love the way it turned out!! (Cause who doesn’t like a good aesthetic?).

We love to prepare packages. We handle every single one of them very carefully and with tons of love, because our ultimate goal is to be able to share with you our love for our clothes and how much each piece means to us. Each one is unique and special, and we want you to feel it as well.

So now, let's talk about our packaging in detail. Our boxes are made out of 100% recycled and biodegradable cardboard. Inside the box we use stamps to put our name on it. We thought for a while to order the boxes with the name of our brand already printed, but on a second thought we realized printing them by hand would have a smaller environmental footprint, because the ink we use is not pollutant. Also, the clothes are wrapped in tissue paper to avoid any damage while shipping. But we want to work harder on this, cause we think we can find an alternative to this paper that should be easier to recycle or reuse.

Finally, there's a handmade postcard inside each order that screams Dimoana (or at least it's what we try to do). In the reverse you would find a thank you note and the instructions on how to take better care of your new piece (because we want you to enjoy our clothes as many years as you like!). Each postcard is unique because we hand paint them and we do not use any stencil, we rather paint what we feel each time we create them. Some of you have told us that you have used the postcard as a decoration element, and you cannot imagine how happy those messages make us!

Also! As some of you may know (if you read our last post), we have now a TikTok account where we share more content (our username is We have a video on how we create our postcards in case you want to check it out, here's the link (pss: You should, it's really cool to watch the process ;)

That's all for today guys!! We truly hope you enjoyed this little post about our package.

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you next Thursday!


If you want to see the back of the Galazy Blazer (second photo), this is your link.

In case you are looking for a fluid blazer with The eyes never lie design, the jacket of the third photo is the perfect one, here you have the link.

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