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How to: SELF CARE in this pandemic era

Hello guys! As I´m sure most of you do, I work from home too. And it can be a little bit overwhelming, and make you feel lonely. So if you add this to the social distancing we have been facing for almost a year now, there are days that I´m sure you can agree with me, its unbearable. Therefore today I wanted to share with you the little things I do in my everyday basis to make my days brighter and lighter, and maybe it can inspire you to take better care of yourself too!


I am pretty privilege in this department because I live in the countryside, so its just one street down my house to go for a walk in nature. On the weekends I always go for a 1:30 or 2 hours walk with my dad and my dog when we wake up, even before breakfast. I love hearing the birds, feeling the ground under my feet and smelling the grass and the flowers that have already bloomed. I think it fuels my soul and creativity, and because I have to work on weekend too a lot of the times, starting my work-day in nature makes the day a little bit lighter and more special.


I shower at night, when I come back from walking or sometimes, after dinner. And I found out that those days I take time to actually moisturize my skin, not only face but my whole body, I feel more peace inside, and more loved. Because I just took time to love myself and appreciate my body, and that gives me such calm and good vibes that I go to sleep feeling my body super relaxed.


This is the latest habit I´ve incorporated in my routine, and I think it´s the one that have made the biggest impact. I finish working between 7:30-8:00pm, and right after that I put on sport clothes and go for a walk, one hour at least. I don’t skip a day, unless is pouring raining. I like to walk pretty quick because that helps me burn a lot more calories and I feel more tired, therefore I sleep better. But even thought I love the feeling of stepping out of the house, walking in silence in my neighborhood and coming back home more in peace, there are days I don´t feel like leaving the house. For these days, what I do it´s not allow myself to think about it, put sport clothes quickly and call a friend or a loved one while walking. And guys, I cannot express how much I love the feeling of coming back home with my face cold but my heart warm.


For me, the easiest way is to always have a big glass of water next to me while I'm working. Like so, every time I take a break for envisioning how I want my idea to be in real life or analyzing how I'm doing so far is to drink a sip. I struggled a little when I first started, but I made a habit to put a glass of water in my desk right before starting the day. And now, wherever I see it empty I immediately feel thirsty and fill it up again (as I am going to do in this exact moment hahaha).

I know they are pretty basic and simple, but adding all of them in my routine, especially the ones that force me to step out of the house, have made a huge impact in my days. So, I truly hope that if you incorporate any of this in your routine, it will help you too!!

As always, have a wonderful week family, and see you next Thursday :))


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