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Slow Fashion

Hi everyone!!!! Today we thought that we could talk about Slow Fashion, so you can understand more the values we hold.

All the images are from Pinterest.

Let's start saying that Slow Fashion is the opposite of Fast Fashion. This means that it is a conscious movement with the planet and people, to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry. The point is to make less clothes with more quality and duration so us, the consumers buy only what we need for a fair price. Slow fashion brands try to end the excess of clothing in everybody’s closets, and promotes the love of all the clothes making them special.

Personally, I think the most difficult fight of sustainable fashion is with the industry itself and the massive consumerist society. The biggest impediment is the lack of knowledge about the recycled materials and the damages in people’s lives and in the environment. But also it is important to be aware of the real value and price of making clothes, and not compare them with the prices of the Fast Fashion clothes (this is a big mistake).

Some of you may be wondering how Dimoana represents sustainable fashion’s values making clothes. All of our clothes are second hand and 95% of them are vintage, meaning we take old garments and give them a second chance instead of creating a new one. We use vegan paint to customize our clothes, but we also try to find environmentally friendly products. Another positive point is that our fabric is 100% cotton, (and we always try to get organic cotton if it's available) natural tissue that comes from a plant textile fiber, (so it is less pollutant).

We thought a lot about how we can have a cute but at the same time zero pollutant packaging. After the brainstorming, we decided to only use recycled cardboard, and postals handmade with recycled paper and love. (Sneak peak: in the next post we will be digging more about our packaging because it is very special and unique).

All said, we want to be the most transparent we can, that´s why we decided to record the creation process of some of our clothes. And share it with you via.... TIK TOK. Yeah, we have tik tok now, and you can find us as We post very cool videos, not only about processes, but also about looks, making desserts, slow moments, inspirational videos, etc.


Link to the "Tarot card blazer" here.

Here you have the link of the video we made about a new special piece (third post on instagram).

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