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Welcome to Dimoana´s blog

Hello everyone, and welcome to our brand new blog!!!

If you follow us on Instagram (In case you don´t and want to check us out we are over there), we love to share there not only our latest creations, but also the inspiration and stories behind them and their production.

For us, Dimoana is not only a slow fashion brand, but a lifestyle. Dimoana is nature, is loving ourselves, the ones who surround us, and the planet. Dimoana is eating healthy food not because we are forced to, but because we care and respect for our body, what it does for us every single day, and we want to take care of us as best as we can. Dimoana is going for a walk in nature and breath fresh air. Is waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee while we read our latest book, cause is our favorite morning moment and we deserve it. Dimoana is dedicating time for us. Mindfulness. Peace.

There´s a lot we want to share with all of you, and even thought we are already doing that on Instagram, we were facing the problem of how to reach and have a closer interaction with those who don´t have an account over there. At the same time, we wanted to share even more without saturating the account. You can get to know us a little bit better in the "About us" section in the website, but there´s a lot more to tell. I guess that want we want to say is that we want you to know us truly, in essence.

So with all of this in mind, and after a few weeks of brainstorming, we want to welcome you to our Dimoana blog. Us, 100%, in a new blog post each Thursday. Are you joining this journey?

Of course, feel free to share in the comments what you would like to read here cause we will be more than happy to know your feedback.

(If you dont want to miss any of our new post, you can subcribe with your email and get a new email notification with each new post :)


Link to the denim jacket here aquí

Or maybe you love even more the galaxy blazer, then the link you are looking for is this Si estás interesadx en la blazer, pincha aquí

In case you like our stars shirt as much as we love our intern (photograph in the photo) , then this is your link a aquí

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